Linton Double-Lidded Ottoman

A practical and stylish storage ottoman, the Linton has two internal compartments to keep your whites separate from colours!  Sprung hinges ensure the lids lift with the minimum of effort, and stay open until light pressure pushes them shut.  This is both convenient and safe, especially when children may be in the house - nobody wants trapped fingers.

The insides of the ottoman can be lined in any material, though typically we recommend a dark, plain fabric for practical reasons.  To avoid joins, we suggest selecting a fabric that can be 'railroaded'.

A final flourish is added with a row of large, spaced nails applied by hand around the base.  These can be in any of our standard nail finishes.

The solid wood feet are slightly inset from the edge, and can be polished to any colour.

Sizes in Centimetres & Inches

Overall Dimensions Metric English
Width 160 cm 63"
Depth 55 cm 22"
Height 50 cm 20"

Fabric & Leather Requirements

Cover Type Metric English
Plain Fabric 137cm (54") Wide) 5.0 m 5.5 yds
Small Pattern Repeat (up to 15cm) 6.0 m 6.6 yds
Large Pattern Repeat (15cm to 65cm) 7.0 m 7.7 yds
Leather 8.4 m2 90 ft2