There is a dizzying array of fabrics on the market today, from chenilles, damasks, weaves, prints, silks and plains, and at Greengate we work with them all.

The basis of our business is working with fabric supplied to us by the customer, carefully chosen to work within the context of an interiors project.  For that reason, we don't have our own ranges of fabrics to sell, but instead we let the market do what it does best - compete for your custom!  This also affords practically unlimited choice ensuring our clients are not constrained by a few hundred or even a few thousand fabrics, but instead can have exactly what they desire to ensure each interiors project is not a compromise.

We are happy to advise on any aspects of a particular fabric choice, so please feel free to contact us if you need any advice or guidance.  In addition, we have many hundreds of pattern books from the leading fabrics houses in our factory showroom available to look through during normal business hours.

Note: to use fabric for upholstery in the UK, there is a legal requirement that it meets certain fire retardancy standards. Please see the box to the right for a fuller explanation of this important point.

Whichever fabric you eventually choose, you can be sure we will carefully cut, sew and tailor it to its best effect on your upholstery.

Fabrics Houses

Some of the fabrics houses with whom we regularly work, (and can heartily recommend), include

UK Fire Regulations (1988)

In order to comply with the law, all fabrics used for covering upholstery which is for use in the UK, have to meet the requirements of the UK fire regulations.

To achieve this standard, the fabric can be chemically treated by specialist companies, or if the fabric has a 75% natural content by weight, we can interline the upholstery with a specialist natural wool layer for an additional charge.  A few fabrics are not suitable for back-coating, (silks and other very fine yarns), and in those cases we would recommend taking the interliner route.

Treatment Companies

Fabric treaters include