Harlow Large Oval Stool

A graceful oval centrepiece, the Harlow stool evokes the glamour of Hollywood in the 1940s. The solid mahogany under-frame supports the top with its saddle-stitched, quartered top panel and side border. A line of welt sits between the wooden base and upholstered upper part of the stool. A large oval button in the centre of the top offers the chance to use a toning material to create a layered effect, or a contrast fabric to make the stool 'pop'.

Sizes in Centimetres & Inches

Overall Dimensions Metric English
Width 150 cm 60"
Depth 80 cm 32"
Height 46 cm 18"

Fabric & Leather Requirements

Cover Type Metric English
Plain Fabric 137cm (54") Wide) 2.0 m 2.2 yds
Small Pattern Repeat (up to 15cm) 2.4 m 2.7 yds
Large Pattern Repeat (15cm to 65cm) 3.0 m 3.3 yds
Leather 3.7 m2 40 ft2